I would like to buy your website

So did @popey get his offer accepted? :joy::joy:

Yes; the website was rebranded and everything. It has since been changed back.

I am starting to think it is time for a people’s take over. I will be at the Wellington in Birmingham, UK, on Sunday and am prepared to offer a pint of the beer of your choice to any current or Previous Bad Voltage moderator or presenter in exchange for your website which I will run in conjunction with our members wishes

For the purposes of clarity. @popey is considered as an honorary member of the management and, if agreed, able to negotiate terms on behalf of Bad Voltage.

I look forward to repeated lengthy discussions about UNIX workstations of the late '80s and early '90s.

We need to settle a few important questions first:

Emacs or vi?

For the benefit of younger members or, perish the thought, non computer geeks. Emacs and Vi are text editors we used before we had graphical environments. Some of us still use on servers.

No presenters seen. It looks like we are stuck with @jonobacon, @jeremy and @sil for now.

Anyone up for a contest?

One off recording:: Have to be Bad Voltage fans. if interested I will set up a site to host audio and we can have a vote on who we like most.

No single entries must be at least two who have.posted here regularly.

@oldgeek, @neuro want to start this off?

Send me a PM if you want me to be part of it.

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I don’t follow this; what are you proposing?

Do you want the long theory or the short theory?

caveat - your pov is the same length.

Sorry @neuro been busy so have no been checking the forum.

I was wondering if anyone was interested in producing a small, say 5 or 10 minute audio clip to see there are any potential podcasters amongst us.

It would be great if this was a collaboration between two or more members of the forum.

Chill, after the above, and this:

… and as per previous conversations on Slack, can you please make some sort of concerted effort to contribute to the conversation rather than just spamming random shit every so often?

In addition, I’ve no idea what you were talking about re “SCOTTISH QUEEN”, but whatever it was, knock it off.

I’ve presented on SLUGradio, hashlugradio, and I was a guest on episode 18 from season 4 of LugRadio, so I have previous on this.

I had kinda figured out what you wanted to do, I just wanted to know the rationale, what the end game is. I could record myself talking about Rick and Morty for 20 minutes, or doing an impression of the Joker from The Dark Knight, but I’m not sure it would necessarily be entertaining!

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