How to attain right relevance .com?

I’ve been looking at my twitter feed and [rightrelevance][1] was suggested earlier this month as I refreshed who to follow.

It says that it follows who are [key leaders in a particular community, mine being Ubuntu][2], usually.

but, I can’t get it to give me any updates, and when I log-on it just goes to a blank dashboard.
Has anyone had luck with these people ? If so, is there a news aggregater for Ubuntu-touch ?

I guess my questionis : Do you think this website is too bland ?
Thanks for the response, anyways.

Hey @TheGuyWhoLovesChill
Our apologies for the problems you faced. We experience a small outage that day, which was fixed within a few hours. The service has been up and fine since then. Could you try again & confirm that you are not facing any issues?
Feel free to connect at gaurav @ for any issues or feedback.

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