How often do you visit

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This always gives me a brief moment of cognitive dissonance. But then I remember that it’s .org, and continue on my merry way, only slightly haunted my that smile and, of course, the obvious question - what does this mean:
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Why, tis our feted mascot, Hornsby the deer. Oh, the stories he could tell of the travellers he has encountered, lost on their way to the Bad Voltage community. “Follow the horns, weary voyager, follow the horns”, he cries with his waif-like bleating. “The horns will set you free!” The visitors follow the horns upwards to the address bar, notice they’ve typed .com instead of .org, and vanish onwards into the ethereal plains of the Internet.

“Bye”, bleats Hornsby, left alone again with Fei Hong, his only companion. “Shut the fuck up”, shouts Fei Hong, “or you’ll get the other half of this kiwi fruit thrown at you!” Hornsby sighs wearily, resigned to his fate, stuck with the fruit-throwing woman harbouring only hatred towards his friendly antlers.


@neuro, if you are not currently writing children’s stories, your time and talent are wasted. :smile:


Yep - works well for enterprise projects, that mascot too !


Apparently not enough. Boosting my count to help @jeremy.

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