How many of us stay put?

Some of you may have noted that I have moved several times during my career. I am moving again tomorrow. My new location Thurso, Caithness, Scotland.


I am now near the top right hand corner of the mainland. I see the sea every day.

@neuro am I closer to you than I was, but now north instead of south? My last home was in Cambridge?

This got me thinking are we more likely to travel for work than others? Most of the people I went to school with now live within 20 miles of where they were born.

@jonobacon has moved to the US, some are still in the same town we were born. I am interested to see if we are more likely to relocate for work. I have lived in Thailand, Japan, Canada, Scotland, Wales and where I was born: England.

Love to here your stories, if you moved: why and where to?

If not what keeps you there?

Me: View from my new kitchen window:

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To Cambridge, as the crow flies, 307mi, by car, 350mi.

To Thurso, as the crow flies, 185mi, by car, 266mi.

Enjoy being closer to Norway (332mi direct to Stavanger) and Denmark (454mi direct to Klitmøller) than London (508mi direct)!

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How nice! Guessing you see great sunrises?

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Yes, you?

Seems like a good next project.

I will post the best sunrise I see next week. The best gets our appreciation. If you can find me I will buy you a beer. I’m guessing thanks on the forum is as far as it will go though…

I have spent the last two days back in Cambridge, England and just returned to my new home with my partner. Long drive but we took it in turns and I now have my car with me, been living on my own and relying on public transport for the last week.

On my way back to Inverness to fly home I met a 6 year old girl with her mother and baby sister. She was going to see her grandmother and also going to see Santa: very excited.

To my great surprise when I asked her what she was going to say to Santa the first thing she said was not what presents she wants. She told me about a young man who was living on the streets in her home town and that she was going to ask Santa to get him a new warm sleeping blanket. She then told me what she wanted for herself and baby sister but it was OK if she couldn’t get anything as long as the homeless man got his sleeping bag.

With Johnson in the UK and Trump in the US it’s easy to imagine nobody cares anymore but clearly many of us still do and the younger generations are showing the way.

I have lived in Italy and Germany, and have moved three times for romatic relationships and work in the last 15 years. If I lost my job and couldn’t find anything around here I would definitely move across borders again, since I’ve done it before.

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