Hobbies? What are they?

I was wondering what makes life good for us all.

I am assuming we all have an interest in technology and open source, otherwise we would not be Bad Voltage fans. Some of us are engineers or developers but many just use it.

What else are we interested in?


I am an engineer by trade designing electronics and writing a lot of embedded software though I have contributed to some open source.

I currently have 6 horses, 4 of which I am training with the intention of selling when ready.

I pay guitar, mandolin, ukulele and banjo (both tenor and 5-string) and have a passion for Irish, Scottish and English folk music. I love a lot of other music too.

i used to be very keen on photography, less so now, but I still keep decent equipment to document my other interests, for example wildlife.

OK that’s my story. Tell us yours.

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Recently retired and playing MMO video game (FFXIV) which consumes hundreds of hours.
Cooking, hope to be more active in local political scene in future.
Just learned about https://www.futurenow.org/ , which focuses on state legislature elections. That’s pretty cool.

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I am a geologist by education but have worked as an analytical chemist for the last 30+ years, working at job sites ranging from hazardous waste incinerators to government labs.

I was a fairly serious Nordic skier in college and for several years afterwards. Maybe elite on a regional level but not national or beyond. Now just ski the snowmobile trails near the house when snow conditions are good (as a result of this casual approach I am 30lb heavier than during my racing days).

I have been brewing my own beer for many years, have won quite a few awards in competition and am a certified judge myself. Occasionally get to brew at a commercial brewery using my recipes or yeast. Maybe this has something to do with that 30lb as well…

We live in the woods 5 miles from the nearest pavement and 9 miles from the nearest town. My wife runs a pet boarding and grooming business. We keep horses (full size and mini), donkeys, goats and ducks as well as both Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis. My wife used to compete in dressage but I really can’t describe myself as a rider - just sit on a horse occasionally. We heat our house with wood that we cut and split. Eleven kW of solar panels and 2 Tesla Power Walls take care of our electrical needs.

As for Linux and open source, this is a hobby too. I’m a fanboy, not a player. But sure wish I’d gotten into it 10 years sooner!

Thank you for that link!