Hey THE GOONIES is 30 years old = I loved that film. Who else did?

Hey I just found a thread on reddit to say that The Goonies is 30 years old.

To celebrate I uploaded a video I also found :smile:
It didn’t work out - so I just went for the nearest one - which was exactly the same.

Here is the soundtrack : https://soundcloud.com/the-soundtrackers/the-goonies-r-good-enough

Do you remember The Goonies ? Did you like the movie ?
Do you think that they’ll do another one ?

#boobytraps - Maybe Bryan could talk about these ?


It is a family favorite for my wife and kids. We used to live in Portland OR so we would drive out to Astoria for the anniversary every year. The Goondocks is the site for the “official” activities. Sadly we missed the 30th anniversary due to the fact we relocated to Minnesota for employment reasons. REALLY looking forward to moving back to the NW. Miss the weird, a lot.

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I’ve never made it to Astoria on the actual day… But made it out there quite a few times. We usually make it a point to go by the house and drive a few of the roads each time. (I’ve lived most of the last 20 years ner Seattle and spent a few years on the Oregon coast.

Goonies themes T-shirts make up a significant percentage of my wardrobe. It’s amazing how quickly you make new friends when wearing those. Brings out a wamth and friendliness in so many people.

It is the recognition of a kindred spirit.

Then there’s the poster.

Hey Chill, could you … eugh, I hate doing this, because it will seem like I’m picking on you given our previous interactions here, and I’m not, really I’m not, but … for the sake of netiquette — and please, anyone thinking I’m wrong here, give me shit for it — could you stop resurrecting threads from like a year, two years ago? It gets kinda confusing seeing what looks like new stuff rise to the top of the thread list, and then realising it’s a way-old thread.

Please? If that’s cool? Thanks.

That brings up a good question for me. Should @TheGuyWhoLovesChill just started a new thread over such a minor post (I’m not belittling the post, by no means)? I’ve kind of done the same thing before. I see something that is relevant to a thread that is old, but didn’t feel it merited a new thread, so I posted to the old one.

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