Help Required! Bad Voltage Versification Perversification


Dude, read the instructions…you need to specify which words are for which presenters. :slight_smile:


Aq: Bawsack.
Bryan: Heid.
Jeremy: Dobber.
Jono: Mandible.
Aq: Scunner.
Bryan: Minger.
Jeremy: Stramash.
Jono: Furckleknuckle.
All: Numpty.


OK folks, the deadline for submitting words for use in the poetry competition has passed. Predictably, you are all arseholes.

You can hear the poems on the next show which is released on Thursday. :slight_smile:

Here are the words for each person:


  • steatopygic
  • Unlinuxy
  • Erotographomania
  • Jono
  • love
  • ElementaryOS
  • Heid
  • Minger
  • Numpty


  • gongoozler
  • pseudo-perpendicular
  • Autagonistophilia
  • Stuart
  • answers
  • Dobber
  • Stramash
  • Numpty


  • prestidigitation
  • floccinaucinihilipilification
  • Diaspora
  • Watermelonesque
  • Coxsackie
  • humble
  • compassion
  • Bawsack
  • Scunner
  • Numpty


  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
  • mammothrept
  • Kale
  • Bryan
  • taste
  • Mandible
  • Furckleknuckle
  • Numpty



Not all of us where arseholes. :wink:


Poem written. You guys will be crushed.


Not a freaking chance.


Just a heads up gents:

I know it wasn’t mandatory that our given words rhyme,
but I’m letting the three of you know now, to give you some time.
I’ve used them to rhyme, I’ve risen the bar.
Because rhyming words of your choosing is elementary and doesn’t make you a star.
Now, of course, I’m not saying that you all have to follow;
But if you don’t you risk your entry sounding fatuous and hollow.
I hope this unforeseen challenge doesn’t incite any rage.
@jeremy drops the mic, and then walks off the stage.




@jonobacon, @bryanlunduke, @jeremy, @sil

I would like to offer my rhyming talents to the highest bidder. Just an example:

There once was a man,
who lived in… an area
That gave out bits of wisdom each day.
People didn’t mind,
to stand in a …row
To hear the wise things he would…tell them.

Okay, now let the bidding begin. :smile:





I think I understand and I’m flattered. For how can one put a price on such skill? Such talent? Such artistry? Such greatness?? But, hey, money talks, so don’t worry about such things! :smile:


Of course it rhymes. All poems rhyme. I have only this extra to say:

anapaestic tetrameter, bitches.

Bring it on.


For clarification sake Dr. Seuss, I was indicating that I used my given words as the words to rhyme, not that the poem itself did.

1x20: Private Poetry Slam

Well, neuro, because of this suggestion (and the fact that it is now a rule that I, Bryan, must automatically win all Bad Voltage competitions), you must now change your avatar to this until the next episode of Bad Voltage is released in 2 weeks:

You’re welcome.


My question is, if we do reply to @neuro, do we need to use an honorific?


I have set his avatar. :slight_smile:


If you elect not to do so, you should be aware that wars have been started for less.


Very good, Mr. Bacon. One approves.


I would like to point out that this is quite literally the only (other, now) occurence of “furckleknuckle” ANYWHERE on the ENTIRE internet. Well done.

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