Help Needed! Fave quotes for our social media pages

To help spread the word about the show, I am going to start creating some quote images that are easily shareable on social media networks. They will look similar to:

The question is, what are your favorite quotes in Bad Voltage?

Some guidelines:

  • The quote should be fairly short so we can fit it on an image.
  • It should make sense out of context (as it appears on the image).
  • Also specify who said the quote.

We would love to see a combination of funny and insightful quotes.

Thanks so much, everyone, this will help grow our social media presence!

(from memory here) “That’s it, I’m going to do a review on shampoo.” @bryanlunduke

Edit: Or was it “That’s it, I’m going to do a shampoo review.” ??

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Oh god he has not shut up about the shampoo review.

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“I love all of those moderators at the jupiter broadcasting subreddit.” – Bryan Lunduke

It was that Bryan seemed so enthusiastic when he said that he would do it. Poor guy is probably heartbroken. :slight_smile:

Is that a hint? :slight_smile:

As already quoted in the poll thread:

@bryanlunduke: “Give me an example of an interface that lets you be free, that lets you fly and do whatever you want with your computer.”
@sil: “Microsoft Windows.”

(but yes, it’s long.)


OMG That moment made me laugh so gosh darn loud!

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Ahem! Commanding me to argue for a position I don’t believe is one thing, and that’s fine. Excerpting quotations from that argument and sticking them on a poster is quite another. Don’t do that. Also, it makes Bad Voltage look bad taken out of context :smile:

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“You’re not going to grab your big beige tower and shove it on your lap while you’re dropping a #2”. @bryanlunduke

or, from same show, Midnight Throne Travels

“I earn a significant portion of my daily income sitting on that throne” @bryanlunduke

Truer words have never been spoken.

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“You don’t just get to make shit up” - Jono, 1x26
"I care about privacy, I’m just not scared of the government coming in and stealing all of my shit" - Jono, 1x26.

A little selective quoting:

“2 or 3 thousand linux nerds … go balls to the wall all evening” @brianlunduke

haha then let him have it. but give it a weird kink, like he can’t wash his hair for X days beofre hand to really “test” it. or get him to spend a week doing the No poo (r/nopoo) thing and see what he thinks. or one that’s obviously terrible like something from a worst shampoo list

Yo, @bryanlunduke, did you do this?

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