Help me find a quote from BV

I’ve recently mainlined every episode of Bad Voltage over a 4 day period. At one point one of the presenters (I want to say it was Stewart but am not certain) said something along the lines of:
“We weren’t promised flying cars, our parents were, what we were promised is…” and then my brain turns to mush and I can’t remember the rest.

It was a killer quote. Can anyone tell me what the full quote was and/or tell me which episode it was in since they’ve all run together.

It was me (Stuart. Stuart, with a u.), in the most recent show,, at about 28m40s in the section about Uber and Lyft. I picked it up from someone on Twitter – I’ve just tried to find who it was to give them the credit, but I can’t seem to find an originator.

After some quick googling this seems to be the origin

but you could have found it many ways since it’s gotten a lot of replay including author charlie stross’s blog (guest author Ramez Naam)

and many many others including all of the retweets

Ah see I’m going to blame the misspelling of StUart’s name either on:

  1. You Brits goin’ and mucking about with the proper spelling of things just to be different
  2. The English coming up with a language where multiple letters make the same sound so nothings consistent.

Take your pick. Regardless Thank you so much for the reply and for finding the apparent origins of the quote.

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One thinks it is others who have “mucked about” with the proper spelling of things.

One was attempting to be ironic, and stereo-typically American in thinking we invented the language.

Naw, we just blame it on the spell checkers. :wink:

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One does not want to be seen agreeing with ones monarch too often, but…

I’d just like to point out the language is called English and therefore the way it is spoken and written in England is by definition the correct form. :smiley:

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