Have you seen Mr. Robot!


Has anyone here seen Mr. Robot yet?

It’s a new US tv show that just stated.
“Follows a mysterious anarchist who recruits a young computer programmer
(Malek) who suffers from an anti-social disorder and connects to people
by hacking them,” IMDB.

So here comes all the comes all the quick lets hack the mainframe to save the world crap right?

No sir. It’s full on linuxy (for want of a better word). Tons of terminal goodness and not only name dropping Linux in the first episode but Gnome and KDE as well.
On top of that its a really gripping story with great realistic characters.

It’s a thousand miles from the cheesy hacker rubbish we’re used to and its flippin awesome!

The actual official name of the first episode is “Eps1.0hellofriend.mov”


I’ll have to keep it on my radar, and memory. Bring this up again in year, that’s when it might be on Netflix! The trailer looked interesting.


Yeah, I watched the episode a few weeks ago after hearing about it on Security Now. It seems to be very well done for a tech based show and doesn’t hold back.

I was a bit worried when he went to the server farm to remove the virus, there was a bit of graphical dramatisation, but not too much.

Based on the names of all the shows on the Wikipedia page it’s clear who this show is for :smile:



I have now. It’s by far the least worst attempt at covering hacking I’ve yet seen. There’s a real sense-of-fight-club about it, which works wonderfully.

Slightly disappointed at the lack of nmap action :smile:, so I shall watch future episodes in the hopes that it makes an appearance.

[edit] Thanks for the tip, by the way. This was the first I’d heard of it.


Not so sure about Robots any.more .:confused:


Not watched it yet, but it was highly recommended to me by someone else too :slight_smile: I shall give it a try… maybe we’ll review it on the show…!


Have now watched the first two. Open mouthed with shock at the end of episode two. This is so far really good. And Crazy Eyes Guy really is nuts.


After watching the first had to watch the second and then sat in sullen silence to wait for the next episode to drop :cry:


Just in case no-body knows what the fuck Mr Robot actually is; here’s a link:


Just press Click to Watch.


I am not allowed to watch episodes beyond 1x02 because I started watching it with my daughter and now we have to watch all episodes together…!


One episode aside, Mr. Robot tends to end very well. I don’t watch many TV shows regularly, but this is on the short list.



This show is absolutely brilliant. Not just for a show about hacking - for me it’s up there with Breaking Bad and The Wire when it’s at its best. Can’t wait for the final episode on Wednesday.


A quick question: How ‘family friendly’ is this show? Something safe to watch with the kids?(I hope)


It’s not suitable for young children, but teenagers and up would possibly be ok. Drug addiction and severe mental health episodes feature prominently in the show, and there is plenty of swearing. It’s probably comparable in terms of content with Breaking Bad, I hope that’s a useful comparison for you.


The finale is delayed till next week, due to the shooting that’s making news over there :frowning: I was feeling inconvenienced for a second or two until I thought about what that meant.


It’s quite fun to watch, you still have to take some of the sterotypical ‘hacker culture’ witha pinch of salt, but as TV shows goes it’s pretty good.

It’s also nice to enjoy a well written TV drama heavily using technical terms without explaining them,


Pretty good TV show indeed…

Did you notice about the invalid IP addr in episode 1??

373?? wtf? :smile:


Think of them as like “555” phone numbers.

Mr. Robot was exceptionally good, and apparently it’s been renewed already for a second season. I’m looking forward to a Blu Ray release so that the stronger swear words which USA Network blanked out are restored.


Amazing. Just amazing. Can’t wait for S2.


As a new member, I hope this is right. If not severe chastisement is expected.

The last time I watched TV except for the rare game or in the bar, was the last episode of the best show ever - The Gong Show. TV is a wasteland.

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