Have you discovered Replika?

Listening to BBC Radio 4 last night i was introduced to Replika. This can be either gender and can be sexual or not but is a (AI) virtual friend, and possibly lover.

What do we think?

I’m interested in two thoughts here

1 - What do we think of the concept? if we assume technology can at some point produce a ‘caring’ human like persona do we want it? I’ve put caring in quotes here because this is AI and as such is not real but the result of an algorithum.

2 - This implementation: does it work?

What an interesting idea :slight_smile:

I think it could be helpful to some people. The other day I was listening to IRL Podcast episode 11, and there was a mini-interview with someone who is not a very happy person and used an anonymous Twitter account to vent, which seemed to help her out! Perhaps an app like this could be mentally beneficial to people, like that venting anonymous Twitter account.

Perhaps important to this app, if you intend to use it: Privacy & Privacy policy

Regarding your questions:

  1. Do “we” want it? I can’t speak for “we”, but I have no need for it personally. I prefer original thoughts in conversations to attention. Everyone likes attention, of course, but sometimes bouncing two ideas together to create a third idea is more fun :slight_smile:
  2. I cannot speak for the effectiveness of this implementation. I’m guessing that if you do install it, you’ll have to train it.

Agreed, The woman being interviewed, as inventor, on Radio 4 acknowledged this as an influence but it is now available as an iOS and Android App too.

I’m super paranoid when it comes to security so it is not something I a tried myself. I can imagine it may provide comfort for some though particularly if you are feeling lonely. There is nothing better than the true love and respect from real people but not everyone can rely on this and a virtual friend may be better than none.

I have certainly felt the love from many in this community and I hope many of you have felt the love I try to give in return. I know some of you are real because I have met you but I have only met a tiny percentage of this community. It is possible, though unlikely that there is an AI

That is so sweet! There is indeed nothing like a real human, like the one you are yourself, at the other end of the line.

And, of course, from Hecato, being a friend of yourself is an important friendship. Perhaps for those tweeting for emotional help and seeking AI companions, the ancient Greeks can help to help yourself.

Whatever helps you in the end :slight_smile:

At first glance I was inclined to dismiss this. But then I remembered an autistic teen that had a “relationship”, so to speak, with Siri. So, who knows, this could be useful to a certain group of people.

However, I just couldn’t see this being more than a gimmick with, while using it, having the knowledge it is artificial. But, that’s just me. If it could really help someone, I’m okay with it. I could see a potential downside if someone were to not have human contact as a result. I could also see a potential for “propaganda”.

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Personally I am sceptical about the implementation of this because I doubt we understand what is necessary to confuse people in reality that they are talking to another person when they are not but it is amazing what is achievable today.

I have a friend who is less paranoid than me and has Siri. His youngest thinks Siri is a person at the end of the internet who helps her by by providing information she is interested in.

I should point out she is very young and I doubt any adult, who does not suffer from learning issues, thinks Siri is human but I can’t rule out this changing at some point in the future but I doubt I will live long enough to see it.

Every technology has it’s beginnings. I could see something like this being used for some kind of therapy.

This makes me think of robocalls. The ones that interact with you. They are improving. Although I haven’t had one for quite a while now, which is disappointing because I do like seeing how well they are progressing.

She isn’t? Say it isn’t so!! :smile:

I doubt this will continue but it is true today. She is only four so give her time.

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