Happy Sunday - Lets Start A Brill. Artwork Thread!

Hi there … I was slightly bored and feeling a bit blue … so here is some art work for your eyes.

Hope you enjoy ! It’s luss here at the moment … there’s boats in the channel, sheep in the fields, and I stayed in a B&B last night - so all is good. Happy Sunday everyone - hope you enjoy !

I guess you could use them as wallpapers if you prefer.


Here’s another one - I’m on a roll !

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This is awesome, keep 'em coming, folks!

Thanks for starting this!

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I am not talented.


'nother sunday - thought I’d try some sketchpad 3.5 doodles.

'Don’t usually play around but I’m annoyed there’s no ice in my coffee today.

By “ice” do you mean frozen water, or a mixture of frozen milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, etc.? The former is fine, the later is great!

I was on holiday at the time, @oldgeek .

In fact, the black one above was my first effort at art work by purely “touch-screen” application.

Cheers for the feedback !

[removed 21st November 2016]

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[removed 21st November 2016]

[removed 21st November 2016]

destroyed traces of work.

see @neuro

I don’t mean to dampen down enthusiasm for Bad Voltage, but maybe less with the taking other people’s copyrighted work, and slapping “BAD VOLTAGE” on top?

I have not seen any of the images in this topic before so I hope to find these are all original works. In which case I would like to congratulate the artists abilities but if @neuro is correct and these are existing works with “Bad Voltage” slapped on top they should stop now and should not have been posted in the first place.

Fine @neuro (again) I shall destroy all traces of work, well done.

The waves are by an artist, Kim Herbst.

The dog is by an artist, Jane Fogarty, who makes her living making posterised dog pictures for their owners.

The bird is allegedly from a page on Reddit but I don’t see the reference.

Chill, I’m not trying to make his personal, but you have a track record of abusing copyright here. An appropriated meme picture or similar is fine, but blatantly pasting links to full copies of movies or tacking two words onto someone else’s work and implying they’re yours just isn’t on.

Just cut it out, and we’ll get along peachy.

Tried my best to chill out this morin’ :slight_smile:

Source: How to draw a spiderman

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BadVoltage: Tree ~ License CC0

@TheGuyWhoLovesChill Glad to you are expressing your own artistic abilities now. My visual art abilities are similar but provided you are not

Stealing other peoples stuff

Oppressing others

Or otherwise being a dick you are welcome here.

To be fair I’m tolerated too.

I have been suffering from depression over the last day or so with the weather changing to shitty conditions.

So I decided to do something productive and drew a black dog.

I call it the BadVoltage: Black dog.

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