Hangout Interview with tech author Simon Monk

Through an amusing freak accident involving a mailing I received from O’Reilly Media, I happened to be put in touch with a few authors and as a result, we will be chatting with Dr. Simon Monk, author of The Raspberry Pi Cookbook and lots of other books on Arduino and making things. I believe he’s going to be an interesting guy to talk to and I’m inviting you to get in touch if you’d like a spot on the Hangout on Air (there are only a few of these) to join the panel.

We appreciate you sharing this, but please don’t spam the forum with out of context content such as this. If you shared this within the wider context of a topic, that is fine, but this looks like an ad, and we don’t want to clog up our community with ads.

I’m sorry, I thought I heard you guys review the Pi on one of the first episodes. I sincerely thought it was ok. It’s an invitation to be a participant in Hangout and conference. It will never happen again. Good luck with the podcast and the community. I can’t tell if this has been hidden or deleted, but you’re welcome to do either. Again, apologies.

No problem, @randulo. No harm done!

The reason I mentioned this is that it was seemingly disconnected from any Bad Voltage discussion or related content. We are more than happy to hear about cool things going on, just tie them into something that the community might have been discussing or might be interested in (or on the show). :slight_smile:

Hey Jono,

In my defense, General Chit Chat seemed to me to be exactly the place for unrelated posts.

Use this category for general discussion that is unrelated to a specific Bad Voltage episode. All topics are welcome!

Most forums have this kind of water cooler, and it’s easy to think that is what General Chit Chat is. I understand communities, I’ve run several and tolerate zero spam on them. I think I’ll err on the side of discretion and just never post anything again. I enjoy the podcast, but you guys are numerous enough to expose many sides of each issue, so it isn’t like I feel I need to jump in with my views. This said, I didn’t see any way to leave this board. I love this forum software and enjoy listening to BV, but don’t have much to offer outside of my own IP Communications Community on Google Plus.

It is indeed designed for chit-chat and off-topic content, but the sole content of your post was an ad about the hangout interview. This was not starting a discussion or sharing a perspective, it was advertising something right out of the gate.

I am not suggesting you were posting viagra ads, but I also don’t think it was a topic of discussion…it was an unsolicited ad for something. As I am sure you understand, we have to be at least somewhat vigilant towards this.

If you had posted something like “I was listening to BV S#E# and I think . . . . . ., oh and also, some of you might find this hangout interview interesting” or “recently in another thread there was a discussion of ### and I think this hangout interview might be of interest” that would be clearly contributing discussion to others, but your post was entirely context free…which makes it an ad.

Again, as I said…I don’t think it is a big deal; we all learn from little slip ups. I think it would be a bit of an over-reaction for you to quit the forum because of this, but if that is your decision, I respect that.

I am not sure how to delete accounts on discourse, but if you want me to to I can see if I can do it in the admin.


Thanks for the reply, I do see your point.

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I have’t quit yet! I’ll add this when I find the appropriate topic suggestion category, I think I saw one, but Wireshark would be an excellent topic to bring up fo BV.

I noticed! Glad to have you here. :slight_smile:

Now if only you’d respond to my invitations to join us and talk about Ubuntu Phone. PM me some time when you’re ready! :slight_smile:

Happy to join, just let me know when.

I’ll PM you, you can respond whenever you like.

As a SimonMonk twitter follower, I would welcome an interview with him.

Why not contact him on Twitter?

Go on, then.

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