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Radio 4 here in the UK are currently playing a new series. The next in the series Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy This one obviously not written by Douglas Adams as he is sadly no longer with us. we lost him in 2001.

As a result I have been bought the entire radio series to date, excluding the new one, in a big CD box set. Together with the new one on back order once it is released.

My daughter does not understand the concept of comedy science fiction though I can’t understand why. Surely in the future, and the rest of the universe, there is comedy, tragedy, pathos and eroticism together with horror and every other emotion we are capable of feeling; plus a few us humans will never understand.

I can think of several other comedy, science fiction cross-overs: such as Red Dwarf though I won’t list them all here.

The point here not is not to say Douglas Adams is my favourite author, he is, and Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy is my favourite series of his books, also true, but to find out what books or radio plays that cross genres we should be reading or listening to.

As always with these types of discussion there are no wrong answers here. Share your likes but don’t attack anyone who you don’t agree with.

If picking something obscure you may want to expand with a back story or links but I don’t feel I need to here as the subject is well known.

@sil : There still seams to be an issue with the preview pane as I don’t have one


Warren seems to have forgotten how the internet works, so here’s a link to the Hexagonal Phase. :slight_smile:

I just loved Zaphod Beeblebrox’s campaign slogans.

The Thursday Next series is quite entertaining.

I’ve been enjoying Barry J. Hutchison’s Space Team series of audiobooks lately.

I just remembered another series I’ve had some good times with - Hard Luck Hank by Steven Campbell.

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