Guest presenters when someone is absent

With the absence of Bryan in the latest episode, I had a thought: have you guys considered having guest presenters to fill any absent spots to keep the “panel” at 4 people?

Chris Fisher or Fabian Scherschel?

I presume that, yeah, other podcasters would be the best bet –but it could be anyone.

That would make for a great competition prize, having a guest spot on Bad Voltage to talk about the winner’s chosen topic, provided the “humble correspondents” greenlight the topic.


Actually, This could be a great way of keeping the show fresh and changeable.

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yep i agree. I mentioned ages ago people could propose their own segments.

I like the idea of bringing guest presenters on, so long as they are funny and interesting. Suggestions for good guest presenters?

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You should definitely try to get this guy on-board.

The guy’s a Lege.

I LOL’ed.

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at least somebody thought it was funny.

mission accomplished.

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Trouble is, I bet they only find out that people can’t make it at short notice, and then the guest presenter probably hasn’t done a segment, or seen a script, or been in on the planning, or is set up with a Hangout and the BV way of doing things etc… Sounds like the logistics would be miserable…

I am curious as to how the show is prepared for. For example, how far in advance is the topics discussed so that the presenters would have a basis for discussion on the show? I would think that this would be important if a guest presenter would be used.

Edit: As to a possible guest, how about the Podfather , Adam Curry? At least he is considered to be that by many. Actually, getting him for an interview would be interesting, and entertaining.

We basically plan a show out a week in advance. We meet on a Wednesday and discuss topics, interviews, reviews etc.

In some cases we know a presenter cannot join it if they already have a schedule conflict, but then in rarer cases (such as the last show), a presenter shows up hoping to do it but then is sick as a dog.

I think having guest presenters when we know a week out that someone can’t do it would be fun.

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I could do it. You know I can swear a ridiculous amount. I like swearing. Also I have a mouth. It emits noises. Like swear words. Actually, I don’t have to swear, but I likes it, precious.

@christina sounds like a good candidate. But some coaching would probably be in order. For example, if it is @sil that will be gone, then she would need to be coached in grumpily disagreeing with everything said! After all, we wouldn’t want an imbalance in the force. :smile:


Guest presenters … such as the Legend that is Karl Pilkington.

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