Guest presenters on the show

Hello one and all!

As asked in 2x04, what are your opinions of having guest presenters on the show and what do you think of them having their own theme / section on the show (like the film section).

Personally, I really like the idea. In the UK, we have a couple of panel shows that relied on guest presenters and it really added to keeping them feeling fresh. I also like the idea of sections that link to the presenter because it also moves the topic around nicely.

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I like it. Caveat: as long as the theme for the presenters’ bit is broadly aligned with the ethos of the show.

I liked the film emphasis last time out, but the usual presenters were also involved and the films they were discussing had that alignment (P.S. I’m another one who doesn’t get the hype about Blade Runner). I’m not sure what I would have thought about a solely-guest-presented film segment, if that’s one of the ideas being mooted.


I throw in my support to the idea.

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I enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Make sure they have written a book is a good start :dancing_men:

Very late to the party, but yes, I really liked it!

It was also good that Christina had a very good microphone (and a very professinonal/radio-hosty voice!), which is something to keep in mind for the next shows.

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