Google's new podcast 'app' is already on your Android phone

Has anyone else tried the new podcast app built into the Google app?

It feels somewhat incomplete to me, but using Google Play Music for listening to podcasts has been hit or miss (sometimes it remembers where I left off, sometimes it starts over). Hopefully that will be fixed. And if I could configure it to cache episodes for local playback (and delete them once I’m done or only keep a certain number around).

Also, it should immediately start streaming Bad Voltage at full volume as soon as it’s available (but that may be a niche feature).

PS> Was Google’s new Chat app already mentioned here (for RCS)? Or did I hear that somewhere else?

Yup, we discussed that in the last show :slight_smile:

On the new podcast app… nope. I use Pocket Casts, which does a good job.

Yes, it was: 2x31: Just In Case Delivery

Never mind.

Interesting. It is a long way from converting me from Pocket Casts (for starters I use both iOS and Android so need to sync between them). But it is a step in the right direction.

If google ever sorted out Audiobooks (chapter stamped like time stamped) - they’d actually have a product.

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