Going to CES, what needs checking out?

Which tech do you think I should try to scope out?

Not necessarily particularly new, but open 3D printers – under GNU – by LulzBot (booth #42524). I’m not associated with the company, but a very good friend of mine runs Smartblock, an open, as in physically open, cube workspaces, that shares the LulzBot (Aleph Objects) stand at CES. If you happen to drop by, tell the two grumpy Finns of Smartblock (sorry no idea what their names are) to tell Janne, the CEO, Tuomas from Irvine, CA says hi.

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Anything which is trying to solve the problem of tactile or haptic feedback for VR. And augmented reality as an alternative.

Oh, and I’m a flight sim nerd (please stifle your derision!). I’d quite like to hear what’s going on with Dovetail Games, Laminar Research and Lockheed Martin (the 3 big flight sim players now that MS/Aces are out of the picture). That’s the reason I’m interested in VR. So far, none of the potential for VR/AR in Flight Sim has been realised because of the problem of making such a tactile environment like a flight deck work.

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Do you know if Flightgear is working on VR support?

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