Glad you are back Stuart and Jono!

Was a huge fan of Lugradio years ago.


The monkey returns! Welcome back :slight_smile:

Hey, great to have you here!

So, how did you hear about the show? We are eighty episodes in, as you may have noticed :slight_smile:

And still on series 1! Even kernel 2.6 didn’t have that many releases :slight_smile:


Many years ago I read on some techblog about Lugradio. I was listening to podcast #1 while I was checking out the forum and noticed it was poorly setup and guests could post anything. My first thought was to spam tubgirl and goatse links, but ended up enjoying the show so much I started listening more and became a big fan. I think I was the first non-team member forums poster (still as a guest). Ended up hanging in #lugradio, mirroring episodes (before the bittorent thing got sorted), and saddened when the show stopped. Was meaning to try to get over the channel to one of the Lugfests when I was stationed in Germany, but never made it. Saw a link to this on the Lugradio website and headed on over :slight_smile:

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Maybe I’m not the only one that still plays “Jack’s playing ball” in his head every time Jono / Stuart intros the podcast?

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