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we have (or have had for a wee while now) a GitHub organization at

If no-one has any real objections, and with all this stuff going on in GitHub for the apps and magazine, we could transfer those repos into the organisation - unless anyone thinks this is completely mental. We could then have GitHub users added to organisation teams which can then get push privs into specific repos, e.g. editors could make changes / approve pull requests into the magazine repo, multiple people could work on the ubuntu app repo, etc.

What thinketh you lot?

seems fine to me. :smile:

how do I transfer the magazine repo over?

So long as it doesn’t bottleneck on people approving teams/additions, fine with me. :slight_smile:

I’ve added you to the org, and once you transfer the repo, I’ll grant the team you’re in full access to the magazine repo - I suggest the repo simply be called ‘magazine’ :wink:

If we could do the same for the apps (ios-app, android-app, ubuntu-app, etc), that would be aaaaaawesome.

@sil and @brunobord also have magic privs in the org at this time, just so no-one thinks i’m on a power trip mega rush or something.

oh and drop me a mail when you’ve transferred it so I know to deal with the team rights etc. My address is on my profile here. added.

Seen it, sorted it, email not required :wink:

Nicely done, sir.

Got the magazine transferred but forgot to change the name. Oops.

We can change it later if we want to.

I’m willing to put the code of the app for SailfishOS to the repo too, it is currently located in my github repository.

I’ve added you to the org, follow the steps above (transfer, then pop me an email) :slight_smile:

thanks, i will transfer it in the next days

I tried and failed to transfer the iOS app over. It seems I cannot do this unless I’m admin.

I think @neuro gave me temporary admin rights to do the transfer. Now I’m member of the team “Apps”.
By the way, I don’t know how to push to the repository, the team page says members have only the right to read.

Feel free to add me joedborg and when I finally get round to finishing the andriod app, I’ll put it there.

One has probably ballsed things up by not keeping an eye on things. Regal duties do tend to come first you know. One will get one’s flunkies to take a look before the corgis have to go for their walkies.

the wrong trousers grommit! the wrong trousers!!!

SailfishOS readily supports QML on github, doesn’t it @scharelc ?

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