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I switched to Linux full time in mid-2007 - and as a result, by the time I’d heard of LugRadio it had ended.

But, I was a Shot of Jaq listener from first to last episode, which was my first introduction to Stuart. (I already knew who Jono was).

Along the way I’ve had some exposure to Lunduke also. (I washed my hands after, don’t worry)

I confess that Jeremy was entirely new to me when BV started - and I must ensure I never look at a picture of him, since his voice sounds (to me) exactly like the character “Randall” from the movie “Clerks”.  Thus, whenever Jeremy is talking, I’m picturing Randall in my head - and as he’s one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite movies, I’m just going to go on pretending that is who’s talking.

So I’ve head disagreements with all of you (in my head) over some pretty significant Linux-desktop related issues in the past (except Jeremy as noted), but I also generally like you all (as much as you can like someone you know only from listening to their voice in a podcast) - yet, I wasn’t sure how I felt about getting all of you at once.

Then after a few episodes (I think it was the gun episode) I found myself thinking, “Why am I listening to 4 people who I come to for tech discusson, 2 of whom are unlikely to have a thorough understanding of how guns fit into US culture no matter what they may think, discuss one of the biggest hotbutton issues in US politics?  If I wanted a political podcast I’d have subscribed to one!  Why do I care at all what these guys think of guns in the US?”

But - by the end of the discussion I was no longer grumpy about it.  Though limited in depth by your medium (especially show length) I thought it was a reasonably balanced, enjoyable discussion, and was particularly surprised that Jono was as openminded as he was.  What I look for from a tech podcast?  No.  But made up for by the quality of the discussion, IMO.

I also enjoyed your discussion of the recent Mozilla controversy.

This is getting rambly.

In short, I’ve been wary of BV for one reason or another since episode 1.  But despite this, it’s turned out to be one of the podcasts I look forward to the most.  Please keep doing what you are doing - I’d love to see the show go weekly, but I recognize that all of you have day jobs.

Loving the show, thank you for producing it.

No offense intended Bryan, all in good fun. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @hamtaro, for the kind words and feedback. These kinds of posts really help to not only give us all a motivational boost for what we are doing with BV, but it helps us to get a good idea of what people like/dislike about the show.

Also, your point about Jeremy reminding you of Randall from Clerks is spot on. I can absolutely hear that. That is no bad thing given that Randall is comedy gold in those movies. :slight_smile:

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