Gadget reviews - any questions?

Hi guys,

Due to various circumstances, I’ve just obtained a ZTE Open running Firefox OS and a Lenovo Yoga 11S. I want to write a couple of reviews on them. The phone, I will try and evaluate the phone and OS separately. The ultrabook, I’ll do the same; it currently has W8 on, but it’s a fucking disaster, so I’m going to get Linux on there full time as soon as I sort some features out.

If there’s anything anyone wants to know, in particular (FFOS apps, for example), let me know.

Hi Joe,

The ZTE Open may not be the most awesome device to evaluate Firefox OS on… What version is it running?

When evaluating, do make sure you bear in mind that the target market for such a device is probably not you :slight_smile:


Yes, I know it’s not going to be high performance. I’ll review it for the intended market.

Nice! Are you writing them here or somewhere else?

I think it would be awesome if people wrote reviews on here that we could point people towards. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably write them on my site and then link them on here.

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