FOSDEM 2016 anyone going?

Anyone going? Thinking of driving if anyone wants to hitchhike.

Sadly the budget doesn’t stretch to both SCaLE and Fosdem :frowning:

Get a lift + Airbnb room = cheap weekend :smile:

It’s just the beer fund that’ll need topping up.

No, No and No.

After getting lost in all the halls that everyone walks around a couple of years ago - I was COLD , the couchsurfing host was a wanker, and any English people I met were wrapped in their own companies and money-making programs to have a decent conversation.

You just get lost in it all. There’s no direction. And you’ll be full of a cold.

To quote @jonobacon: “FOSDEM feels less like a conference and more like a bunch of homeless people showed up for the weekend”.

I was planning to bring some of the NGINX developers to FOSDEM and sort out a room for it. Unfortunately several things got in the way such as my job inside NGINX changing. So I’m not going this year.

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