Forum migration complete!

If you can see this topic, then you are free to post to this Bad Voltage forum again!

Woo! Great to get this sorted before the next show. :slight_smile:

Looks good to me! :thumbsup:

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Some sort of note somewhere which says “to move your Discourse from one server to another, do this: install it, dump the start DB, restore on the destination, run db:migrate” might be useful, at least partially because I just sorta intuited that, and I am Not A Very Good Sysadmin. The INSTALL-Ubuntu guide is very good, though!

It’d be even better were it add-apt-repository ppa:discourse/latest && apt-get install discourse, of course…

Are you guys up on our Docker install? I highly recommend it as that is the only supported config in the future.

Not yet. I’m hoping to migrate to it next week. We’re still on the (now deprecated and unsupported :frowning: ) INSTALL-Ubuntu instructions.

No shit, Sherlock :slight_smile:


Did you get migrated to the Docker config? We just released a new version! New features and at least one serious security exploit, so upgrayedd is recommended.

Not yet, because it requires a 3.x kernel and our host is still on 2.x :frowning:

I’ll just leave this here!

Let us know if we can help, we REALLY want everyone on the Docker config. Even if it means moving hosts.

We’ve spoken to our hosts about it, trust me. We really want to be on the docker config too!

Looks like you guys are on Docker now? Good news because…

V1.0! :cake:

@codinghorror, congratulations!

I just want to say a personal and heartfelt thankyou for your passion for making the vision of Discourse a reality. As a community manager, our tools are critical for success, and Discourse is built with a real understanding of how people collaborate together. Thankyou to you and the wider Discourse team.

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We are indeed on Docker, which is aces. I’d upgrade to 1.0 if the admin would let me!

and we are now on new Discourse 1.0! Yay! @jonobacon it is done.

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