Foldable Bluetooth Keyboards

After listening to this week’s show I thought I would get in first with a comment on bluetooth keyboards.

@sil much like you I also like to have a “proper” keyboard with me when I need to type anything lengthy on my phone. So many many years ago I bought one of these:


It’s a “Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard”. It runs on AAA batteries and works happily with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android/iOS and various tablets. It spends most of it’s time tucked away in a drawer but every now and then when I go away for the weekend I use it to type out documents and emails, and SSH’ing to a server (which is SOOOOOO much easier with a keyboard). I love the built in stand for my phone, although it’s not much use for a tablet, for a phone it’s perfect.

Sadly it’s not available anymore and I’ve been looking for alternatives. One of the better reviewed ones out there is made by Microsoft, although personally I’m not keep on the split design:


The other one that seems to have some alright reviews is the iClever Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard (which includes backlighting):


In the interest of full disclosure I have to say that both these keyboards are ones that I’ve researched but haven’t used, but they have consistently been highly rated and seem to be fairly durable. Until my foldable one dies I’m not going to be getting another, but I’d be interested to know if anyone else has any experience with / thoughts on foldable bluetooth keyboards.


I don’t have an opinion on specific bluetooth keyboards but as a former Psion owner I’m a convert to the general idea. I tend to go for things that have very good and numerous Amazon reviews - if you really don’t like it you can always send it back.

Hopefully not dragging the thread off topic too much, but I have a question about applications that might need such a keyboard. What do people use/recommend for writing, SSH etc on their devices?

Also @sil - would you concede the usefulness of a mobile device the size of a tea tray for this sort of thing? :wink:

no :slight_smile: I don’t need this often enough that I’m prepared to sod up the rest of my life just for the occasional time when this would be useful.

I don’t need much in the way of complicated software here; I use juicessh for ssh, and JotterPad for text editing (now that Draft has gone away). That’s what I want.

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I use mine pretty much the same, for SSH and editing either Google docs or notes in onenote. I have also used remote desktop but on a 5 inch screen that really doesn’t work, though the keyboard does make it a little better when editing config files! I also have a Kindle fire 7 tablet that comes with me when traveling and with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse makes a pretty decent temporary workstation.

Palm BT folding keyboard I used mine long after palm went TU.

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I think the one I’m currently leaning towards is

Interestingly, it folds the other way from most of these. This is a good change because all the ones that fold in two widthways are too big for an inside pocket, and frankly most of the ones that fold in three are as well (and look to me like they might be rather rickety). This one I have not tried, but I don’t mind it poking out the top of my pocket a bit, and it looks like it would be OK. Anyone who’s tried one, sound off :slight_smile:


I have the iClever keyboard but with a different brand name (appears to be OEM as I’ve seen lots of different brands for it). I was quite surprised, best quality foldable I’ve used so far.


+1 on that one. same situation, same verdict

@sil do you get a foldable keyboard?

Not yet. I’m still umm-ing and ahh-ing about it. Also, I’m banned from buying new things in the run-up to Christmas :slight_smile:


I use iClever Foldable Keyboard


It fits nicely in the jacket pocket, has nice key travel and the slight angle between two sides is a must for a small keyboard. Also when its folded it looks more like a wallet or a notebook than a keyboard.

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