Flashplugin for firefox

I had no idea about this so just making a post.
Obviously flash hasnt been updated for linux in forever, version 11.2? current windows version is like 17 or something. However the flash in google chrome is still maintained

Anyway you can use a plugin called freshplugin to get the latest chrome pepperflash to work with firefox.

Just a simple yaourt -S freshbrowserplugin for me and suddenly firefox has flash v. 17 working flawlessly.

Oh, interesting! I haven’t tried using the Chrome Flash plugin with a different browser. No issues that you’ve noticed with this so far?

Well I’ve used it to play flash media videos, I dont use flash games or anything, let alone anything beyond that. However I have had no issues. Annoying flash adverts still work without adblock so I guess it works pretty well.

@bryanlunduke Still can’t watch vimeo on firefox, though. Even after install through webUpd8’s guide.
Works fine on Midori.

Vimeo works fine for me with Firefox.

it seems the end of flash has just begun

Vimeo is HTML5

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