First (and only?) entry for Mashed Voltage

I’m sharing my humble entry into the Mashed Voltage competition. I’ve had a happy Saturday listening to Series 2 and 4 of LugRadio to find the three vital seconds of sound I needed to create this. I apologise in advance for any mental images this may evoke. (Or, indeed, if the URL mentioned in the clip comes into existence.)

The SoundCloud link should have downloads enabled but if there’s a problem I can throw the MP3 up for download on my personal site.

Software used: audacity, wget to download my own local mirror of and mplayer to listen to all of LugRadio series 2 at 2x speed.

Price paid: last night, after listening to Bad Voltage and LugRadio for an entire day, I had the most horrible dream which involving finding out that my lovely girlfriend was actually Jono wearing a mask…


Nicely don Sir. :slight_smile:

Wow. Amazing stuff

This is totally excellent. Let’s hope others can rival it!

This is Beautiful.

Sometimes I wonder if someone will ever write voice-recognition software good enough so that we can push a bunch of podcasts into it, it’ll sort out each individual word, for each presenter, and then we can write a script for the software to play using the individual samples.

Until then, this is the next best thing - Kudos, Sir!

"The winning Mashed Voltage entry comes from Rich Wareham… "

Certainly should, unless there is going to be some last minute awesomeness. This is brilliant :smiley:.

I started laughing out loud when I listened to it

I’m terribly flattered to have won. Thanks all for your kind comments. I shall post pics when the “prizes” arrive. Do not fear: OP will delivar!

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