Feedback email not working


Tried send an email to and it got bounced back. Email content was:

Hello All,

Is there anyway you can change your audio file naming convention to include no spaces? I use Podget for my podcatcher and it downloads to a folder in my Nextcloud folder sync. Nextcloud desktop sync client complains about the file name (Bad%20Voltage%202x53.ogg) that is produced from Podget.

Thanks for any consideration.

What was the error message?

I’m not sure it gets used much but obviously if we need to update the website, @sil will.

@jeremy, @jonobacon, @sil

Hi Guys,

Can I suggest:

“BadVoltage_x-yy.ogg” or “BadVoltage_x-yy.mp3” as file names?

Where “x” is the series, currently 2, and yy is the episode. I can’t think of an OS this wouldn’t work on.

The response from the remote server was:

550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

Thanks for the reminder. @jonobacon was looking into this.


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