Execrable: The @sil Solo Death Metal Project

Continuing the discussion from 2x15: One Mouse in a Row:

34 AM

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Track listing

  1. As Ink, Await the Hero
  2. Konqueror of Nine Ancient Dungeons
  3. Bitter Vault Of Id Est Cruelty
  4. Full Stack of Demons
  5. …and Function For The Wicked
  6. The IPO In God’s Eyes
  7. Archer Bald
  8. Fighting For No Class
  9. Sacrifice Ram
  10. Bow At My Feet Ye Rivals
  11. Alexa, Order DHTML Utopia

This did make me LOL. :slight_smile:

  1. The Sacrificial RAM
  1. All Objects Have Come To this.

Sorry but Lyrics, For the aged hackers amongst us:
(Tune: Black Sabbath, Paranoid)

Finished with my modem 'cause it wouldn’t let me get get online,
People think I’m insane because I am dialling all the time,
All day long I keep on dialling never seem to get on line,
Think I’ll lose my dial-up if I don’t find a server soon.

Can you help me, can you occupy my time?

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