Episode Frequency/Patreon

This year, the podcast looks to have gone monthly. That’s fair, there’s no ads and the podcast doesn’t actually cost me anything, so it would be hard to muster up any sort of legitimate complaint even if it went yearly or decadely.

To that end though, the podcast is of significant value to me and I’d love to have it more regularly. Just thinking aloud, but is there anything we can do to make it more viable to get podcasts more regularly? I’d happily join a patreon of the podcast, or whatever other direct financial support means you’d care to use.

Please don’t take this as a complaint! This is merely an acknowledgement that your time is valuable, and I think there is a non-trivial portion of your listerner-base who would be interested in financial contributing to have more of your time directed towards the podcast.

The podcast has not gone monthly, although there have been some scheduling issues recently which have impacted the regularity of show releases. We’re not interested in any financial remuneration at this time, the show is just something we all enjoy doing. That said, realistically our schedules will remain busy for the foreseeable future. We really appreciate the patience and understanding.


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