Do you use a VPN?


All this talk of designations or names made me think of rejected international sports team names such as:

Brussels Sprouts
Cannes Openers
Amsterdam Yankees
Vienna Sausages
Belgium Waffles
Manila Folders
Czech Bouncers
New Dehli Catessans
Buenos Airheads
Guadalajara Krishnas
Iraqi Raccoons
Bolivia DeHavillands
Seoul Brothers
Taipei Personalities
Hungary Jacks
Dublin Mint Twins
Prague Tologists
Peking Toms


Nope, not at all!

Also not at all! Though I tried listening to one podcast called Late Night Linux, because I think the host is friends with the Bad Voltage people, but that guy just went on and on about how he wants Patreon money. Now that was annoying when you want to keep things handsfree in the car. I can’t imagine meeting your example kind of people being nice.

And don’t feel bad about your projects, Sarah. I can’t review the code for you, but I do know that “OuiWee” is one of the best project names I’ve ever read. I know that’s a contribution everyone can be proud of. So good luck with your urinating enabling endeavours to disturb excrement!


That is awesome! and I’m certainly not going to exacerbate the problem by giving examples :slight_smile: It is one of my major annoyances though.

Yeah, us as a culture being mired in the belief that we’ve limited monetization models is another thing that annoys me to no end :frowning: A prime example (and also a project I’m very excited about!) is Steemit.
It’s built on block chain and instead of traditional ‘mining’ by solving equations to create currency, it’s generated by voting on (curating) peoples art and writing and by submitting your own. The thing that annoys me about it though is…

It should have come from us.

The work being done to further art and culture by that community is amazing but imagine what it could have been if initiated as a vehicle for Free software and Free culture as well. I guess people were too busy glad handing for funding to see the forest for the trees :frowning:

I mean, sure, has a similar curating model but that guy (project head who shall remain nameless) has been busy crowdfunding a launch and being a ‘really nice guy’ for like five years now. Five years that I personally know of. Seriously, just about to launch a revolution for like five years…just have to make this last campaign goal…oh pay for a lawyer now…still short of essentially needed funds…all major credit cards accepted…gah! :frowning:

Well someone else, outside of our culture, did make that curating model work (and by generating money instead of demanding financial commitments from people to boot!) because innovation waits for no one.

I expect the same could be done with Free software repositories too…



Damn, I have to learn how to math. I can’t math :frowning:

That’s the thing, I’m not especially smart (I’m really just very stubborn) so learning to code to a decent standard, any standard really ;p , is just not an option. I don’t think I really have to though, one of my favorite parts of the GPL is essential freedom number 1 :

The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish.

Anyone who wants to can take what I’ve done and make it …uh…actually work properly for a start. No need for code review to me (but thanks for commenting you thought of it for me:)), anybody can just pick it up and do what they wish with it as long as it still follows the GPL. Yeah, that’s so not a ‘proper’ view of coding to have, but imagine if we had the same canonical approach to dance as we do to code? Maybe the only form of dance one would not feel embarrassed performing would be something like ballet? :frowning: Well, I like Bhangra. Bhangra is super fun to watch!

Yeah, I probably just made a whole lot of people reading cringe, and as I said before is all just an experiment, but we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

Tee hee, awesome! I love that phrasing! Thank you :smiley:


please tell me one project that uses snowdrift - because after ten minutes - I cannot find one.

sorry if I have asked before.


There isn’t (with the exception of one so obviously made specifically for it)! That’s exactly my point, it’s been just about to launch for like five years now. Mark my words we’ll see another crowd funding campaign for it probably titled along the lines of “really it’s going to happen this time, guys!” . Meanwhile Steemit has been running in beta for a while now and is open for anyone to start generating on the blockchain.

I would have loved to hear this came from us. Credit where credit is due though and steemit is super kick ass!

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