Do you suffer from Lunduke Envy?

Really, I could use any of the BV team, but it seems that Bryan needs to have his self-esteem built up the most. :smiley:

You gentlemen are able to express yourselves so well, both in speech and in writing. It makes me feel that my utterances are “(grunt, grunt) me no like that. (grunt, grunt) me like… {then I see a new penny} ooooooo shiney” (Yes, I do feel a kinship to Earl Sinclair.)

But, is eloquence to be confused with wisdom? Frankly, I’ve heard a thing or two that my brain was affected by the well manner in which the argument was posed, but then it was saying 'that makes no sense." So, with this tug-of-war going on in my head, I was truly fearing a BSOD. And it’s not like I’m Data that can just be rebooted.

There is one Lunduke Envy I do have. Bryan mentioned that the computer mouse is, what was it? Oh yes, it was ‘feces from a male bovine’ technology. (that was the term, right? :smiley: ) I do wish I knew command line. Sometimes I’m using my laptop in kind of a confined area. A mouse is not practical, and I dislike touchpads. So, I thought that a trackball would be the thing to have. I like the idea, but I’m finding that I am beginning with tremors. Can you imagine trying to click on something when the cursor is jumping all over the place?? It can be difficult. Command line would seem to be the answer. Sadly I don’t seem to have the time and, perhaps, the intelligence to learn. Oh well.

I do really enjoy the shows. I thank you.

From a humble listener, Greg

Hmmm, does anyone suffer from Lunduke Envy

The response:

Guess not. :slight_smile:

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Man oh man oh man, did I need a laugh. Thanks Jono.

I hate you. I hate you… so much.

You are just… just the worst.

Also, @bryanlunduke, note my avatar. Yes.

You used to be so great together ;-;
This is all @oldgeek 's fault, If BadVoltage Podfades… Nobody’s going to play TAG with you at break, I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY NOW!

I repent in sack-cloth and ashes.

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