Do the review section without background music

I’ve always found the background music you use during the review section to be really distracting. in fact the constant drone of the oboe(?) sample and staccato percussion drives me mad. Needless to say, it doesn’t meet the goal of unobtrusive background music for me personally. Have you considered not having background music at all for this segment?

Sorry Jono, I have no problem at all with the rest of the music, it’s nice (:

While I’m not personally distracted by the background music I don’t think it adds anything useful to the show and can see how it may be distracting for others. I would therefore be in favour of not having music underneath the reviews but l too am happy with all the other music connecting the show together.

Eh I kind of like it. It’s a little different.

i like it. I wonder if you’d get on better with it if the levels were adjusted?

This has becoming a bit of a recurring topic at times.

The reason we have the music is to differentiate the review from the discussion. I think what I will try next is a different piece of music and see if that works.

Incidentally, is the music behind Wrong In 60 Seconds OK?

The complaint I mainly hear about background music in my own podcasts is that it sounds odd when sped up. The hardcore podcast listeners often have them sped up 1.5x or 2x just to get through all the shows.

That said, I started listening to BV when I was in a sped up phase (trying to catch up with a backlog) and the review music actually sounded fine like that to me.

Too loud for my taste.

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