Disappointing /thefatmanintheshower

I was disappointed that http://badvoltage.org/thefatmanintheshower didn’t have something hilarious.

yeah i was kinda picturing Aq doing a Marilyn Monroe “oops” kind of pose behind a shower curtain

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Given the link was given in Rich Wareham’s Mashed Voltage entry I’m not surprised that there is nothing at this address but perhaps there but perhaps there should be.

The presenters could have a series of addresses that are never linked to but only ever mentioned in the podcasts as little easter eggs for us to discover. These could be created often or infrequently as the presenters saw fit. @jonobacon , @jeremy , @sil and @bryanlunduke what do you think?

What would you like to see at http://www.badvoltage.org/thefatmanintheshower ?

Me too, because I meant to put something there and forgot. :slight_smile:

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