Dick of the Year


As you are aware our code of conduct is simple:

Don’t be a Dick

One of my favourite programs in the UK is The Last Leg and each year they offer a prize to the individual who most successfully fails to follow this code.

Last year it was won by Donald Trump as voted for by the British people using Twitter as shown below.

If we were to offer a similar award who would we give it to? I’m not looking for us to attack each other but politicians, celebrities and leaders in technology are all fair game.

Let us know your nominations and why.


Jacob Rees Mogg

wouldn’t want to deprive him of the accolade by awarding it to someone a 2nd time. it might be called “dick of the year”, but imho it’s an award for life :wink:
there’s a league table of dicks and steaming turds here, and all were worthy recipients… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Leg


I don’t see any reason why it can’t go to someone two years in a row!

A bit boring some might say but, come on, DJT is still a dangerous, narcissistic fuck-wit with a vindictive streak a mile wide. There are dead slugs out there that have more charisma than that prick.

He wins again, for sure.

Please respect our code of conduct which is simple: don't be a dick.