Diaspora* (title has to have more then 15 characters so hi. :3 )

Delving back to 1x01 where we first met the crew!
There was a convocation about Diaspora, after the episode aired I was interested in the idea but I didn’t want to sit down for hours just to find that theres only a few posts about open source and arguments where the latest post was 3 months ago!
I should also mention I don’t have a facebook account but do have google+ and I do have twitter, if I name everything social I also have chatango, IRC accounts, Skype and Tox so I do have things to sociolise, but as you can see, I’m interested in looking at alternatives!

So today was different I wasn’t going to delve into something I found to difficult but if it was easy enough I thought why not?
Now the biggest issue stumbled on was this wall http://podupti.me/ to most people this feat is to much, and for me it would have been if it wasn’t for my simple mind, rather then looking at all of them, I looked for a UK one, there was one with nothing on it, so I jumped back to the top and went to the logical US one, because I only know english!
Now if you’re inviting a newbi to Diaspora, don’t tell them to google it and find out, because a newbi wont bother trying to go threw this ‘headache’ but rather send them a direct link to the Pod you’re on, ETC mine would be diasp.org

Now its simple from here, its really easy to sign-up and sign-in now its easy to use from here, you create hashtags that you’re interested in and find people who like the same thing’s as you, I’ve found that most people here are linux and opensource which is to be expected, but I didn’t want a place just for Linux and OpenSource, I could easily have found people like that, but I wanted to find people with other interest’s first that are similar to me so using the Hashtags I typed in some simple interests such as Pokemon, anime etc and found some interesting posts and people, the posts aren’t often and stuff like that, but I can see Diaspora heating up a little more with tech people anime types etc

I agree that diaspora isn’t mainstream and I know it isn’t as popular as Google+ but I could see people wanting to use it, with some of its simple and easy features!
I’m new to diaspora but the main reason for this post was to say that its not to difficult and its not full of arguments, in my case, and I think its worth giving it a look, and as long as I see new posts every now and again I can see me staying active in this community!
Diaspora is quite cool as long as you find the right people, and people that haven’t vanished because theres lack of users!
Diaspora actually kinda makes me think tumblr in someways as well but without the, brainwashing, Diaspora is simple, clean, easy to use once you’ve got a ‘Pod’ the negative is lack of people!

As part of the Bad Voltage opensource people, I do think you should at least try diaspora and then you don’t need to try to avoid the baby pictures form the girl next door you bumped into once and you have this issue where if you remove her she’ll come over and force you to add her again before her baby pictures are the only babies you’re going to see(Idk where I’m going with this but she was meant to be a psychotic FaceBook user xD )

As I understand it, diaspora is like discourse; it’s software that runs a community. So, is there one major diaspora instance that you’re part of? Or are you looking at many different diaspori for different topics?

I just have two one on the Diasp.org ‘Pod’ and one on the Diasp.eu and to be honest I don’t know how it works because I can add my Diasp.org as a contact and thus follow, but at the same time if we use the same tags we get different things, on my Diasp.org I get things more relevant to me but rare while on the Diasp.eu I get less things I’m interested in but often!

Depending on what Pod you go to does will show you different posts, and occasionally the same post as another Pod so they could be used in diverting topics but I cant say they will be used in that way, it’s also very confusing and kind of off putting when you see different results when searching the exact same thing on a service thats exactly the same but just in a different Pod!

Its also very discouraging when going to an account on .eu it gives you lots of there posts while .org it gives you little!
I’ll probably keep using the .eu and .org until I find out which ones best for me, from there advertisement for the service a while back it seemed like you should be able to see and communicate with other pods but it seems like perhaps its a bug or something…

You can follow topics by using hashtags, but what you get does depend on your pod as well, at least currently, I don’t know if that will change at any point!

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