Demo: Teaching kids to code, integrated into Endless OS

Hi All,

Just shared a demo video of Endless Code, which integrates guidance for learning to code and hacking on applications, built right into an OS powered by Linux, GNOME, Electron, Flatpak, and others:

Curious to see what you all think. Endless are a client of mine, and I am pretty proud of this work so far, but there is a long road ahead.

Also, we will be giving two Endless Mission One computers away at Bad Voltage Live in Pasadena in March!


I really enjoyed the video. it looks real promising. I hope they succeed. I hope it succeeds in getting more kids, and maybe us old farts, involved in coding.


That is waaaay super awesome cool!
Seriously. As someone who doesn’t actually know how to code but says “make go! super C-cC-c!” to emacs repeatedly amongst trying different things until eventually it does…this is super exciting :slight_smile: And $240 is less than I paid for my last pair of boots!

I’m not sure about thoughts on an impending labour market, in North America at least, but people should code simply because how we compute is how we communicate and that should be as self directed as possible. Also, just today I suggested kteatime to someone who identified the problem of forgetting about making tea. I’m pretty sure kteatime exists simply because someone wanted it and so they wrote it. Awesome :slight_smile:

Please, please, please, though…please suggest naming a character ‘Harry’. After Harry Tuttle (fictional, from the movie Brasil) of course; My personal inspiration for putting hands to keyboard.


Are These Boots made for walking? :slight_smile:

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Oh, they’re made for a lot of walking …a lot of walking. Tee hee, but I’m Canadian so I keep my Timcard and a lighter in the side pockets instead of knives, etc.

Hi @jonobacon the pedant in me wants to know how we can have an integrated IDE given that it literally means.
Integrated “Integrated Development environment”

Don’t take this too seriously as on Radio 4 yesterday I heard someone talking about a PIN number:
“Personal Identification Number” number.

That said I like the idea of people understanding code and while some of us will never be able to understand a big project, the complexity is overwhelming to most, we can all understand basic ideas.

    if (thing1){

The above example is pseudo C or C++ but I hope illustrates the point there are complicated issues that need the best of us to think. There are also areas we can all contribute to. Teaching people that the computer is not a box where “and now magic happens” is important. I think this is not just a kid issue

Looking forward to help anyone who needs a better understanding 8 year old or 80 year old

the development environment is integrated together, and separately it’s integrated into the OS itself. The acronym doesn’t work, but it’s actually legit here; nobody else lets you edit the source of the apps you’re running, in an integrated way. Apart from the web, obviously. :slight_smile:

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