Dell XPS 13 9370 review upcoming

Hello BV Peeps,

I’ve recently taken delivery of the new XPS 13 and should probably write a review. I almost instantly binned 16.04 and put 18.04 daily on. Everything seems to be working great so far.

If anyone has any specific apps / tasks / questions, pop it on this thread and I’ll try and get it included (so long as it isn’t “can you drop it from a 2nd storey?” or “can you paste your private key?”).

Cheers all,

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What do the power brick and adaptor lead end look like? (Is the brick really large?) How much room do they take up in your laptop bag?
Does it properly do high DPI?
Is the battery life better or worse under Ubuntu than Windows?
Does it have wireless display?
Which ports are on it? Do you find yourself running out?

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Can you drop it from a 3rd storey?


Into a shallow container of water?

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