Dave Gorman's "Found Poems"

I don’t know where else to put this, so I’ll put it here, for the benefit of folk outside the UK who haven’t had the pleasure.

Dave Gorman is a British comedian who has been gradually become very popular in the UK. His shows are very peculiarly British eccentric flavour about them. They usually center around his slightly obsessive nature and curious detail. Late last year, he finally got a regular TV show “Modern Life is Good-ish”. The show was very well received because it was brilliantly written and delivered.

One of the highlights was a section of the show called “Found Poems” where he’d trawled the internet for daft things people had posted, and turned them into poems. I think you’ll enjoy this, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy others you can find on You Tube.


I love Dave Gorman. Saw him on his Googlewhack tour in Birmingham years back. Well recommended, and funny if you don’t have a beautiful English mind.

“Modern Life is Good-ish” was hilarious, and they’ve commissioned another series. Well worth catching if you have access to the Dave channel in some form.

I’m now reading everything online as verse.

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