Convincing Lunduke: Scopes

Agreed with @JonTheNiceGuy here. Intents are about “I want to do a thing: give me a list of everyone who can do it, and allow apps to add themselves to that list”. Scopes are “take data from this source or sources that’s relevant to who I am, where I am, and what I want, and show it to me”. The Dash, filled with scopes, is much more like making Google Now your home screen.

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Sooo, I have kinda noobish question, how secure are scopes to use?
I mean, I could make “Trust me I won’t steal all of your bitcoin” scope… or something like that. Or, considering that “scope can pull in stuff from any other scope, because that’s exactly what scopes are designed for” I could take your credit card info, or mail password,… all from my “most handsome supersexycool weather scope”

Scopes can either access local data or the internet, not both, and like apps on the Ubuntu phone they are sandboxed so they can only access local data that they’re allowed to, not everything.

@sil Is it possible to put the whole of the ‘mobile’ wikipedia dump onto an Ubuntu phone, then ?

As I find some of their projects for Libre - Manuals quite interesting and I have helped with.

It certainly should be possible, @TheGuyWhoLovesChill. In the old days it was possible to get a ZSomethingOrOther database for Palm IIIx devices which was the whole of Wikipedia. I’ll have a look around for conveniently compressed DB dumps :smile:

(update: was the Palm thing!)

(update update: it is possible, indeed. But a full wikipedia dump is pretty large, even compressed. It would be perfectly possible to write an app which read these compressed dumps, and indeed someone did a few years ago for desktops ( and there’s also which is a web app whihc caches it all and works offline.)

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Cheers @sil Can’t wait for the App.
The Manuals side of things was called Wikibooks.

Ha! I’m not writing an app to do it. I don’t need an offline wikipedia. :slight_smile: It’d be possible to build one, though; perhaps you may want to float the idea in some Ubuntu-specific forums and see if anyone fancies the challenge?

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