Competition! Maaashed Voltage

The Bad Voltage team are delighted to announce a brand new competition called Mashed Voltage!

The idea is simple. We are big fans of the Creative Commons and Free Culture, and Season 1 Episode 22 will cover the topic of Free Culture in a few ways. As many of you will know, Bad Voltage itself is under a Creative Commons license. This means…you can remix it.

…and this is where the competition comes in.

We are challenging our awesome community with producing a remix comprised of material from the show. That is, use our words, as recorded on the show in some kind of creative way. Ideas could include:

  • Construct an absurd conversation between the presenters to mock and humiliate us all.
  • Create a clip comprising of every bizarre English statement ever uttered (this idea inspired by Every Arnie Scream From Every Movie -
  • Reconstruct the intro from Star Wars with the words spoken by the presenters.
  • …insert your wacky idea here.

We will review your entires and judge them based on how creative and amusing they are. We will also play the best ones in the show.

The Prizes

There is a bit of work involved in making a remix so we wanted to provide prizes that are more personal as opposed to just a sponsored prize from someone. Also, we are cheap.

As such, as a prize every presenter on the show will personally mail you something from our houses. This will be a personal keepsake of your rocking achievements to be used as tat for your desk or possibly some kind of creepy Bad Voltage shrine. Your choice!

How To Take Part

Firstly, you will need some audio software to chop things up. There are plenty of free options out there (such as Audacity (

Go and construct your clip and when you have it, this is how you take part:

  1. Save it in MP3 or Ogg format.
  2. Post your clip online somewhere. SoundCloud, put it in DropBox, share it on your website…wherever, but put it online so you can share it with others.
  3. Create a post here on the forum and use the Mashed Voltage category. In your post provide a link to the clip. Feel free to provide some background info on the clip.

Feel free to use audio that isn’t on the show (e.g. music or other snippets) so long as it is compatible with our license (Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike).

You can submit as many clips as you like, and the deadline for submissions is Sep 17th 2014.


As ever, there are rules:

  • Our decision is final.
  • Entries that are not MP3 or Ogg won’t be counted.
  • Please make sure you create a post for your entry and use the Mashed Voltage category - if we don’t see your entry, it won’t count, and creating the post with that category will make sure we see it.
  • You can’t use someone else’s remix that you see on the forum in your own remix. Please make sure your remix is original.
  • Bryan must be mocked in some capacity or form. This isn’t really a rule, but we would prefer that. :slight_smile:

Jono, You’ve done Q&A’s and many other podcasts, and so has everyone else, Just wondering, does all the audio have to be from badvoltage?
If not, for an example, could we create something that makes it sound like you’ve had someone such as Obama on the show or something by mashing his voice in with the badvoltage audio?

Can we use creative commons music for the remix? Or does all the audio have to come from the show?

The audio can come from anywhere, so long as it is compatible with the license of our show (Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike). I have updated the rules to reflect this.

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Yes, yes it is a rule

If so Bacon must be mocked as well - just saying; If you spread it, you should get it.

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so for Jono and Aq , all or most of Lugradio is available as source material too!

I, for one, fully support this! Bring on the Bacon mockery


All we need is Bryan saying that he exposed himself to his Xbox one and Bacon saying that he’d love to have been there, or he wanted to see it, and then we’ve mocked and embarrassed both Bacon and Lunduke at the same time!


Sorry for bringing it up but I could not resist - maybe there are some good sound bits in ‘beer is tasty’. Have Bryan do a rant about Bacon not drinking beer.

Can’t wait for this… :slight_smile: When is the closing date?



sorry I was temporarily blinded by enthusiasm and missed the bold and obvious text.

Glad you like the idea of the competition. I think it will be huge fun. :slight_smile:

@jonobacon and @sil I’ve just discovered Shot of Jaq which you produced together. Was that podcast released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licence an hence plunder-able for people taking part in the competition in the same way much of Lug Radio is?

Yep; Shot of Jaq is under a CC BY licence, I think, @jonobacon? It might be CC NC BY, but you can certainly use it for this competition anyway.

CC BY SA. :smile:

Yep, plunder away with the Shot Of Jaq and LugRadio archives!

In case you want to pilfer old audio of me, I believe all of the old (with me) Linux Action Show episodes are all CC. As is the old Beer is Tasty show I did. And they’re all up on I think.

Old Linux Action Show:

Beer is Tasty:

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I’m really looking forward to hearing some of the results that come of this. Will make for a great show.

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