Competion: Bad Voltage drinking club

Today’s show gave me an idea for a little bit of fun: @jeremy is getting to try some new beers and while there are many beers I am not very keen on there are many that are excellent and I for one am very keen to hear what we think are the best out there.

Just discussing wouldn’t be a competition however, so this is also about promoting the forum and shows.

What we are looking for:
Tell us your favourite beer, why, where you can get it and post us a picture of you a friends drinking it in a public place such as a bar, restaurant etc. while publicising Bad Voltage (Sign, T-Shirts, etc.)

Who can enter:
The presenters and moderators, @joe and myself are free to post entries but these will not be considered in choosing a winner.

Time scale:
The winner will be announced on the show in 4 weeks, this allows the presenters to promote this competition on the next show and announce the winner on the following show.

The Prize:
Our gratitude for promoting Bad Voltage, getting named on the show and we will put “Bad Voltage Competition Winner” after your name on future posts in much the same way as you see “Moderator” after mine or “Bad Voltage Presenter” after @jonobacon, @jeremy and @sil.

The winner to be chosen by the presenters. Post your entries here.

Awesome - I love this idea. I can’t wait to see pictures of Bad Voltage listeners and their fave brews!

I made a poster you might want to include in your pictures:

Download it here

Of course, feel free to make your own poster. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about this. There could be consequences. :smile:


Not sure how to deal with this:

one part of me is saying:

“beer,beer we want more beer, all the lads are cheering…”

The other half of me is recognising the girls in this situation, what do they really want? please tell us.t


Bumping this to the top of the list to remind you we are running a competition. Hope you all have something planned.

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This has just arrived :smiley:

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I’ve chosen to ignore the rules completely, my excuse is that I’ve got a nipper due in less than two weeks. With that in mind, here is a picture of some beer. I frequently consume the pictured product on my own whilst driving to/from work, it makes the drive more interesting that way. It’s 100% ABV, is usually very tasty but has been known to leave an odd taste in my mouth. I reckon this is because the choice of ingredients can vary wildly from batch to batch.

(yes, Joe beat me to the punch on the idea of BV beer)


I wanna do fricken keg stands !!!..but since being diagnosed with hypertension a year ago I get 2 standard units max :frowning: Woo hoo /s

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Drink less coffee and you can have more beer!

I’m partially joking here, alcohol has been shown to have medical benefits in many situations when used at the right level but is easily abused and can do a lot of harm.

A couple of units every now and then is fine and probably better for you than not drinking.

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Sacrilege, but that is a choice I made when first diagnosed and coffee won out (did give up energy drinks completely though :)). I can have 2 standard units…but whats the point? I was never the ‘go down the pub and have a couple after work’ drinker, I was more the “Tuesday night is industry night lock all the doors at last call 'cause it’s now a private party!” drinker. I can’t do that anymore. A friend of mine had a party a while back and I drank like I used to only to pay for it dearly the next day lying in bed eating beets, oranges, and sunflower seeds afraid to move. I’m old and boring now :frowning: Still alive though ! :slight_smile:


(Pictured my favorite kind of beer…beer through a straw)

I’m pretty sure the competition is closed now, but night before last I went to the game and had a big boy because playoffs are a very special occasion. Excited I was going to have a beer later, and with this in the back of my mind, I had this made when I found out the hat store was out of leafs hats in my size earlier. So there’s my contribution to the drinking club and…



Keywords: a couple units. That’s like the serving size in bag of gummy bears. I opens it, I finishes it.

In case anybody cares, the full size image printed on the bottle label is here:

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