Can we trust LibreOS to live up-to floss expectations?

LibreOS wants to create an international community with an economic model.

Sorry guys, but I was just getting abit tired of the god-squat posts and prefer a different conversation.

Tell me what you think of LibreOS ?

sounds too simple ?


Why say sorry? It was a bit of a diversion, that’s cool, but really it was a diversion from the main focus :slight_smile:

I just don’t have much to say about this though, 'cause I’m not seeing it as much different than knoppix persistent usb. I dunno, maybe I’m missing something. Regardless, the more Free software, always the merrier (yet I admittedly didn’t bother to search down the license) What I liked about it overall though is that buddy just straight up asked for some money so he could work on his love. I respect that.


I like this too. Although the focus seems to be abit more guardians of the galaxie

You’ve had a chance to see that movie, last month then ? I hear it did we’ll at the box-office, with RedLettermedia.

I found this Comfort-Tshirt from Northern england last week, and it didn’t trigger me - I just bookmarked it for later approval in my wishlist :relieved:

perhaps I shall wear it in Cincinnati next year, as long as it’s not too shallow for my Swedish friends.

As for the dude’s video - it was a well-opinionated video and a winning pep-talk :pizza:

I feel like a lot is going over my head here because ,no, I have not had a chance to see it :frowning: I should! Actually, I really should get out and do some stuff. I’ve been all consumed with something lately (things go a lot slower when you can’t actually code) and it’s just been computer and work lately. I’ll make a point to get out and see something this weekend.

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