Bring back @Jorge Castro to talk about ublue/Universal Blue

Jorge has created a “cloud-native” not-a-distro called ublue.

It’s basically (in fact actually) Fedora Silverblue etc but instead of applying the extra packages, updates and customisation locally, they get automatically built in your Github account, just like a CI/CD pipeline, and you pull the finished custom image to your machine.

Makes crazy sense to me, I’d love to be able to keep my whole Linux desktop setup and configuration in the cloud and be able to spin up a replacement at a moments notice.

I also like the idea of the extra transparency and collaboration that it allows around custom configs, with even build logs visible. How much time have I spent tracking down and fixing yet another stupid issue on my desktop that a thousand others before me have already fixed in the same way? Not to mention that various types of breakage will be caught in the cloud before they even reach my machine.

Would be great to hear the BV crew talk to @jorge about this and the associated experimental projects under the same umbrella (fleek, boxkit etc).