Bloom County is BACK!

I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the only one here that really enjoyed the old Bloom County, but Berkeley Breathed has revived the old comic strip after many years of hiatus. The first strip had me in tears. Since I cannot share it with my brother any longer…

Bloom County is hilarious!!! I have every one of his books, and I was even going to name the devices on my network after locations in Bloom County, but sadly no one else in my family appreciated his genius. I’d say Berkeley is single-handedly responsible for getting back to using Facebook regularly, since he only seems to post his new cartoons there.

Did you have a special, relaxing, place that you would have named after the dandelion field? Or, on the other hand, Binkley’s closet of anxieties? :smile:

I did not have a device for Binkley’s Closet of Anxieties, but I suspect that would have made for an excessively long host name any ways. The TV would have been named Meadow I guess. Other host names included Boarding House and Picayune but I can’t remember any of the others.

My alternative was to name the devices after the characters.

Now you’re making me think when I get home tonight I should rename all my devices!!!

How about Steve’s flat?? :smiley:

They are also available here.

Awesome!!! I already use GoComics app for my morning dose of comics. It seems to be a week behind Facebook though, but I’ll survive.

I’ve been going through the older Bloom County on GoComics and they have been running Outland. I forgot how much material Berkeley got out of Donald Trump. I wonder if The Trump running for president wasn’t a impetus for him to revive the comic? Just loved the handing out The Trump wigs at the watching of the debates. :smile:

This Humble Bundle was the greatest thing ever. If you missed it, bwahahahaha aaack thhhppttptttpt.

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At least the 2016 political races have just gotten more interesting.

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