BBQ and Bacon... or not

Apparently, one of the daring quintuple is attempting to smoke a shoulder of pork, and it’s not working out that well…

Dare I suggest a review of the Thermapen? I’m not sure if Jono is using one, but at 24 hrs… unless something like the smoking temp is terribly wrong… something else is!

The Thermapen is a great electronic device, and it deserves a review by the “Fantastic Four”.


Kaptain “Where there’s smoke… there SHOULD be a rising temperature” Zero

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Already have a themapen. :smile:

The reason why this pork shoulder is taking so long is because it is bloody enormous. Seriously…it is about 23lb of pork. I struggled to lift the damn thing into the smoker.

I am smoking it at 250 and it takes a while to cook a piece of meat that size.

Would be happy to review the thermapen, but not sure if the rest of the guys will find it interesting. :slight_smile:

A 23lb shoulder… for some reason, the term “Genetically Modified” come to mind!

On the other hand… the extended smoking time is a bit worrying (to me at least)… meat can remain below 170 Fahrenheit for only so long before becoming a concern. (Jono, I’m only concerned about your health at this point, joking be damned…)

As for the “review”, only SIL is a NON NA individual… aka “Not BBQ Baptised” and so his vote doesn’t really count in this case! If we can review Chinese made blenders… aka the “Blendtec” VS REAL blenders like the Vitamix, surely we can endure a review of a “real” piece of thermal technology!!!

Best wishes on the smoked shoulder, I’m more of a “roast shoulder” kinda guy… then again, up here in Canada, summers are kinda short, so it’s get it cooked before it snows!


Kaptain" Pork is my favorite white meat" Zero

I’m all for more cookware reviews on BV!

Jono, how did the shoulder turn out, and how long did it take?

I love taking a shoulder roast, scoring the skin through to the meat, and rubbing in a mixture of salt, pepper, fennel seed and chili pepper well into the cuts. Throw the thing into a 450° oven for 30 min, then reduce temp to 250° for 12 to 18 hours, basting every so often with a lemon juice/olive oil mix. The skin makes good crackling and the meat falls off the bone. Very good.

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