Bands, You did'nt know you love


My daughter is home from university with her boyfriend:

Can’t say I am happy they shared a bed last night but I know they do when not with me so OK.

Her Boyfriend, Sam, had a “One Love” DVD with him.

This is the DVD of the concert that resulted from the aftermath of the bombing in Manchester, UK, of Ariana Grande’s concert.

On reflection I realised that: I like Take That, previously I thought I can’t like any “Manufactured” bands. This was not last night but when I saw it live.

I’m not looking for a critique of my musical taste but would be interested in Artists your kids liked, you initially dismissed, but now like.


Can’t answer, no kids.

  1. You like what you like. Music is like food, a treat for you :slight_smile:
  2. Can’t answer either, no kids


Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. My eldest went through a phase. Right now it is pretty much all I listen to in the car (I don’t drive much).

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