Bad Voltage Wikipedia article?

Hey everyone,

I just noticed there is no Wikipedia article about Bad Voltage. I don’t want to create it as I am involved in the show. Anyone else want to take a shot making one?


I also noticed an astounding lack of pictures of cowboys (especially sexy cowboys) on Jono’s Wikipedia page. That really should be rectified…



I have created a stub, please expand on this.


Is there a picture somewhere of the team? or if not a version of the logo that I can use?

Someone wants to delete the wikipedia entry I am creating can a few people jump in and say that it is a significant subject for wikipedia to cover.

Ok I am done with this, article has been deleated. seems to have a reputation of deleating stuff all over wikipedia.

I’ve added my voice to that talkpage, together with a litte history.

Lets hope we can get the page reinstated so we can make it the referernce this community and the podcast desreves.


I notice you have a draft Bad Voltage Wikipedia page in your Wikipedia sandbox.

Are you happy for others here to add to that. If you are post the link I’ll be happy to expand it if you like.I obviously know the link but others here may not.

If you are I suggest we keep it in your sandbox until we have had a chance to expand it and discuss it before requesting the Bad Voltage page is created again.


I trust you would have no objections to me grabbing a logo from this site – Please confim.

Also: Do you have a suitable picture of the team together we could use.

Thanks so much, guys, for keeping on this. It seems insane they would delete it. Feel free to use the logo, @WarrenHill - thanks!

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No good picture of the team yet. The 4 of us have never been in the same place at the same time. We’re fancy like that.

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Why do we need a Wikipedia article?

Why not? :slight_smile:

It is going to be epic when we all meet face to face for the first time. :slight_smile:

Epic, like pay-per-view? :smile:

Bet yer bottom. It’s gonna be like Girls Gone Wild meets MMA meets… Stuart.


I dident think you could see that, by all means, add to that. I have been busy with other things to deal with the wikipedia article bunfight. I gusee if we can work on it in the sandbox that is better and get a fully formed article up when we are ready.


Anyone who wants to help with the wikipedia entry pleas chip in.

If this is a noteworthy enterprise then it should be documented. but if the community cant provide the level of input to create such an entry and keep it uptodate then it will get deleated. So it is up to us, if we want it we make it.

I wonder if it is time we had an article yet. :wink:

We are 30 shows in now.

.< will teach me to check the dates of the posts…

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