Bad Voltage Poll Series - What is the Funniest Comment You've Ever Seen in Source Code?

The last BV poll was well received, so here’s another one. This time around we’ll do a free-form answer poll. What is the funniest comment you’ve ever seen in source code? If you have it, a link to the repository would be useful, but project and direct quote also work.


First of all, sorry I cannot comment on Source Code. And the comments therein.

But one day - I think it was just when I joined reddit and I was looking at what could happen to the likes of the constitution, the laws and the hallmarks of the UK, and how if at all things cud change.

I remember eventually at 5a.m. one morning finding this thread on reddit.
This lead me to this post and this last comment by westerngermany.

.… the fuck is this shit …to this day is MRW something happens unexpectedly.

@jeremy Sorry I cannot give you anything else, but that’s about as close as I can get to your request.

I shall just get my coat …

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While I haven’t actually seen the comment myself, this is pretty funny:

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