Bad Voltage Magazine

I was playing with Google Newsstand this week, and “Producer” whereby one can create a digital publication. Perhaps we should create a Bad Voltage Magazine using this tech?

um. What would be in it? :smile:

If it’s full of paparazzi articles about what I had for dinner and shots of Bryan going to the shops in a tracksuit then I’m not buying it :wink:

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What’s Linus up to sneaking some cheeky features into 3.40
Has Stuart gone mad?
Has Jono bitten off more then he can chew?
We find secret sexy files on Lundukes computer, he won’t be on the show this week!

Read this and more in this weeks version of BADvoltage!

I would love to see a community-driven Bad Voltage magazine. That could be fun. :slight_smile:

Would it have featured weight loss programs that one can loose 40lbs in 30 minutes and then articles on delicious fatty deserts? Oh wait, that’s the typical women’s magazine found at the checkout counter.

As my wife always tells me, it can be tough being a girl.

Especially when that girl is married to me!

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I love the idea of files so secret, and so sexy, that they stop me from being on the show.

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An idea for the magazine is to take some of the community reviews from the forums and having a community spotlight (be it a project, product, service or something within the community itself)

Have it come out every month in an ePub or PDF with submissions due at last week of month and publishing by mid month. @sil does this work as a better idea on the magazine?

That sounds like a cool thing that someone could do, certainly! I’d read it. :smile:

In my mind the content would be:

–Letter from Editor or one of the presenters summarizing the issue
–2-3 community reviews
–Community spotlight
–Back page (can be a rant from @sil or @bryanlunduke since they understand the concept of ranting without long winded like @jonobacon or something off the wall that falls within community guidelines)

So there are some of my ideas on it.

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if theres not enough reviews I can pretend to be ganksta and do a fake review, it be so hip!

'Yo kitty i be here to talk bout this radcal phone, its a (eh…) itz wikid m8 and it has this screen that be SLAMMIN! Aint i never seen an image be so kawaii on a screen m8 dunt u even knu!

Its sound be hippin and hopin me and me gankstas chill with this, it be loud and wakk that aint a wurri m8 aint fab at a party, it aint swingin enough beats m8’

a demo of my writing ‘skills’ xD

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Perfect for adding filler! @ChloeWolfieGirl

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I have created a gitHub repository for the magazine content with a GPL v2 license. @sil , @jonobacon or @bryanlunduke is GPL v2 the right license for the magazine to be consistent with the podcast? I didn’t overstep any bounds did i ? cause i just ran with it.

Here’s the repo here:

When I get back from vacation, I plan to create a vol1iss1 branch unless someone wants to do that :smiley:

The show is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike, but the GPLv2 sounds fine to me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing this, this is awesome! :slight_smile:

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So is this going to be a ‘anyone can right a page and it will be reviewed and added to the magazine if its good enough’ or is it more going to be ‘well this person is active in [bad voltage] [the tech world] maybe we should add them to a list of people who can write for it’?

I believe having “anyone can write it be reviewed” is the best plan. As far as reviewing goes, I think anyone that writes should review at least one other article that is not there. It helps keep one person from reviewing everything and hopefully cut down on typos. As long as the website community guidelines are followed, we should have some good stuff

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Got the issue1vol1 branch created and a draft letter from the “editor”. So now in need of articles and any artwork the community wants to contribute for the 1st issue

Lol. Awesome.

I should contribute a poem or something.

dirty haikus are coming back?
I can do… not great art xD
I think we’ll all try to contribute, if it ends well is another question xD

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